What Are the Causes of Tinnitus in the Ears

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If you are wondering what tinnitus in the ears is, it is a sound in your ear that is similar to buzzing, hissing, ringing and whistling. This very unwelcomed noise may either be something that is intermittent or constant; fleeting or permanent, or can be something deafening or slow.

Most often than not, this sound is something that you do not normally notice in the day especially since background noises are much louder during that time. It is usually in the evenings when you are about to hit the sack that you may hear this sound. This is because the ringing in the ear problem is more noticeable in a quieter atmosphere.

It would also be good to note that most people suffering from ear ringing problems do not have any issues when it comes to hearing. However, for those individuals who experience acute ear ringing problems may opt to try some ringing in the ear treatment. This may include trying to mask external noises in order to find relief from this problem.

As for the possible causes of ringing in the ears, there are several known factors that can contribute to this problem. In most cases most people who have been exposed to loud sounds for an extended period have or will in the future experience ear ringing issues. Some of the loud sounds many of use have experienced include power tools, rock concerts, gunshots, industrial equipment,construction equipment, explosions, stereos or boom boxes, along with hundreds of different sources. Note too, that there are some instances wherein a one time loud sound such as an explosion or blast might bring about the symptoms. This is because certain loud noises may cause sound-sensitive cells of the cochlea in the inner ear to be damaged permanently.

Now with regards to the cures for ringing in the ears, people suffering from this symptom may opt to use certain treatments and remedies to cure or simply prevent ear ringing problems. These generally involve having a healthy diet as well as trying to avoid foods that have salicylates especially if you are hypersensitive to this. Also, make it a point to lessen saturated fats in your diet. This is because studies show that by reducing your intake of salt, this can actually help treat your ear ringing condition.

Also, stay active so that you may not notice tinnitus sounds in addition to finding ways to distract yourself. You should make a conscious effort to avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol. What's more, try to reduce or stop smoking, and instead take supplements geared towards treating your ear ringing problems. In addition to that you should take vitamins A and E which have been known to help with the symptoms. To add to the list of things to do in order to avoid ear ringing problems would be to stay away from loud noises as well as bringing along earplugs when you go to noise-induced places such as parties and concerts.

By following some of these suggested methods, you can hopefully find relief or better yet, prevent tinnitus in the ears from getting worst or to even stop it from ever occurring again. Now if in case you still hear constant ringing sounds and this interferes with your work, daily activities and while you are sleeping, you need to consult with your doctor immediately to address your ear ringing concerns and issues.

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What Are the Causes of Tinnitus in the Ears

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This article was published on 2011/01/11