Constant Ear Ringing - Understanding Tinnitus

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Are you having constant ear ringing that it has become a nuisance in your everyday life? You could be one of the millions of adults suffering from tinnitus. Tinnitus is the ringing, or whistling sound that you can perceive in your ear. Although it is not a disease itself, it is however a symptom of an underlying problem. Recent studies have also linked this condition to listening loud MP3s for more than an hour in a day.
Constant ear ringing can have a severe effect on an individual's life and there is very limited treatment that is effective in eliminating this condition. The noise brought about by tinnitus may interfere with your work, your sleep and it may impair your hearing in severe cases. With this, experts would always advise prevention especially those who are listening music gadgets like MP3s and iPods in prolonged hours and in high volumes.
What causes tinnitus?
You may be surprised that the most common cause of constant ear ringing is overexposure to noise and loud sounds and this includes loud music on the headphones! If you are frequently exposed to loud noises everyday especially because of the nature of your work, you may be prone to developing noise-induced tinnitus. This also includes exposure to extremely loud noises even for a short time.
Other health issues that might be the cause of your tinnitus are allergies, high blood pressure and neck and jaw problems. Diseases of the inner ear may also cause tinnitus such as the Meniere's disease. It may also be aggravated by some triggering factors such as alcohol intake, fatigue and stress. The medications that we take in are also culprits of this constant ear ringing.
What you can do about it
Tinnitus is not a life-threatening problem but its effect on the individual can be annoying and bothering especially if you want to relax or concentrate. Although there is no cure for this sensation in the ear, you can however find ways to minimize the ringing so you can go on with your daily activities at peace.
Knowing what causes your tinnitus is one good start to deal with it. Avoid loud MP3s and headphones. If you are exposed to loud noises from the outside, you can wear protective gears such as ear plugs. If you have an existing health issue or you are taking medications that could be the cause of the constant ear ringing, you can also check with your doctor if you have options to minimize the ringing.
Avoid the triggers as well. Avoid alcohol and make sure you exercise and have enough rest to avoid fatigue and stress.
There are however therapies and techniques that may help you focus on some other things and not the ringing you hear. If you are having difficulty sleeping because of the noise, you can also put some soothing music to help you turn your focus away from the noise in your ear.
There are also herbal supplements that are seen to reduce the ringing, but you must be careful because there may also be other side effects that can be brought about by these supplements such as diarrhea and dizziness.

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Constant Ear Ringing - Understanding Tinnitus

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This article was published on 2010/03/31